Anti-Diet Holiday Gift Guide (2017)

All I want for Christmas is Trump impeached and ALLL of the anti-diet gifts! If you aren't about that diet life, are ready to embrace your unique and amazing body, and want to smash diet culture's narrow beauty ideals, this Gift Guide is FOR YOU. Here are some of my faves from stocking stuffers to major splurges - because you have better things to spend your money on than a $75 holiday juice cleanse. 

1. IDGAF ABOUT YOUR DIET SUSAN Sweatshirt ($37) from Shop Fat Mermaids, perfect to wear at your next holiday dinner or office party to ward off the incessant diet chatter. You don't even have to say a word (the shirt says it all), but it may also open the door to some solid conversations about why we DGAF about anyone's diet. 

2. RIOTS NOT DIETS Ring ($58) from Snash Jewelry, a small daily reminder that with all the injustice going on in the world today, we have more important things to fight against than our bodies. 

3. RELAX AND ORDER PIZZA Magnet ($5) from Emily McDowell Studio. Don't get me wrong, cooking can definitely be fun and relaxing, but there ain't nothing better than kicking your feet up, ordering a pie, and watching a movie on your night off. Even better, not feeling guilty about it!

4. APPLE SQUAD PRINT ($12) from Tyler Feder of Roaring Softly. Celebrate ALL bodies with this beautiful print that reminds us that we all come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities. Scars, stretch marks, cellulite - we got 'em and we flaunt 'em! 

5. INTUITIVE EATING WORKBOOK ($16) by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch, the OG dietitians behind Intuitive Eating, the framework that teaches you to have a healthy relationship with food. This brand new workbook will help you work through the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating with helpful exercises and journal prompts. 

6. BEAUTIFUL YOU: A Daily Guide To Radical Self-Acceptance ($12) by Rosie Molinary. I heard Rosie's interview during the FoodBodyLove Rally and was blown away by her insight on the subject of self-acceptance. Turns out, she wrote a whole book about it and it's AMAZING. Daily exercises guide you in discovering self-compassion, shoring up confidence, and breaking self-critical habits. 

7. NO WRONG WAY TO HAVE A BODY Phone Case ($36) from Rachele Cateyes AKA The Rad Fat Vegan. There is literally no wrong way to have a body and an easy way to promote this message is to have it on the device that we literally have out all the time. Promote body positivity on your subway commute, while waiting on the checkout line, and the next time Aunt Linda decides to talk about her new diet ("Sorry, I need to check my email real quick" and whip out the phone. BAM.) 

8. GLORIFYING OBESITY Pillow ($29) from Rachele Cateyes AKA The Rad Fat Vegan. If celebrating all bodies and allowing all foods is "glorifying obesity", then I'm guilty as charged! This throw pillow will go perfect with the watching TV and ordering pizza scenario I proposed above - comfy and ready to relax! 

9. THE PATRIARCHY ISN'T GOING TO FIGHT ITSELF Mug ($18) from Emily McDowell Studio. Diet culture is rooted in patriarchal constructs and we need to tear that shit down. If we're going to continue to fight the good fight against a centuries-old system that tries to keep women down, we're going to need a refill, actually make that SEVERAL. 

10. BODY POSITIVE BOUDOIR PHOTOSHOOT (starting at $650) by Cheyenne Gil. After struggling with her body image for many years, this brilliant photographer decided to go on a self-love journey and now she's inviting other women along for the ride. Cheyenne takes BREATHTAKING photos and truly celebrates every woman's unique beauty. This is a splurge but you are SO WORTH IT, BABE!!  

11. BODY KINDNESS Book ($15) by Rebecca Scritchfield

12. I EAT Shirts and Accessories ($22 and up) from Body Over Mind Apparel 

13. INTUITIVE EATING FUNDAMENTALS Online Course ($429) from Christy Harrison (*Now with option to purchase as a gift! So cool!) 

14. RECLAIM RETREAT: May 2018 ($850 for early bird pricing) with Summer Innanen and Sarah Vance

15. MINDFUL EATING and BODY IMAGE cards ($15) from Fiona Sutherland